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Rap về Goku (Dragon Ball - 1) - Phan Ann - YouTube

Rap về Goku (Dragon Ball - 1) - Phan AnnĐăng ký kênh tại đây: http://yeah1.net/phanannMore About MeRap về Naruto: https://goo.gl/WHKTlCRap về Dragon ...

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Vegeta VS Goku Black (Rematch) | English DUB | Dragon Ball ...

English Dub of Vegeta vs Goku Black Episode 63!

Forum:The large gap of power between, Goku and Vegeta during ...

The 7 year gap between, Cell and Buu, Goku trained alot and fought against other fighters. Pikkon was probably his only real challenge though he wasn't really that much of a challenge after their first fight.

Frieza vs Goku power gap : dbz - reddit

If we go by your stated levels of 120 and 150 million for Frieza and Goku, respectively, we would be correct in saying that Frieza is 80% as strong as Goku. The 20% gap is not so significant that Frieza cannot put up at least some sort of fight. (Nevermind for now that in the manga, this fight was actually very one-sided.)

Vegeta always seem to close the gap of power between him and ...

Goku was the exact opposite as he is a powerful warrior, with no regard for power and very compassionate. Vegeta was the prince of all Saiyans and was a higher class of Saiyan by birth. On the other hand, Goku (or by his birth name Kakarot) was a low class Saiyan by Birth.

How big is the gap between the Cell games participates ...

Cell (vs Goku): 84-87 FP Cell: 120 Victorious. Permanently Plugged In 1332 total posts: 13279 since: Jan 2011. Aug 6, 21 at 2:39pm (PST) ^ re: How big is the gap between the Cell games participates.

LR Evolution Blue Vegeta vs UI Goku, why is their gap so ...

When comparing Goku to Vegeta, I think this is the largest gap in power we've seen for anniversary units, even compared to the 1 anniversary with how much Gogeta shit on everything in the game. They really made a mistake with Vegeta's design, starting with 10% damage reduction and building up to 40%?

Kid Buu Saga | Dragon Ball Wiki | Fandom

Goku fights Kid Buu, but can not defeat the evil Majin due to his regeneration and perpetual strength. Goku launches a Kamehameha at Kid Buu, but barely even damages him. Vegeta steps in, but proves to be no match. Just before he is killed, Goku resumes fighting at Super Saiyan 3. As they battle, Vegeta comes to accept that Goku is stronger than him.

Who would win? Goku (manga) or Satoru gojo (manga)? - Quora

Answer (1 of 42): Gojo has the ability to put an Infinite amount of finite space separating them. I’ll explain why this won’t be effective on general Goku (SSB and above).

SSJ Gogeta vs UI "Omen" Goku - Battles - Comic Vine

probably ui. the gap between ssb and ui omen is huge. and before some1 says ui would even beat ssb gogeta. no , ssj to ssb is a bigger diffrence than ssb and ui.